JFM Concepts is a full service cross media marketing technology firm featuring the VDP Complete® marketing system and VDP Web®, our fully hosted software as a service (SaaS). JFM specializes in creating variable data cross media marketing technologies with Personalized URLs (PURLs) for commercial printers, marketing departments and agencies of all sizes.


Since 2004, JFM Concepts has developed and executed national cross media marketing strategies for direct clients, traditional agencies and commercial printers. Campaigns include broadcast and print media, direct mail, SMS-text, email, PURLs (personal URLs) and variable data landing pages with surveys and opt-ins.

Why JFM Concepts?

JFM Concepts has years of experience designing, producing and executing marketing campaigns for some of the world's best companies. From full service, custom development to the inspired VDP Web marketing software as a service, there is no substitute for experience.

We have an impressive background in Content Managment (CMS) and working with data.

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