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Whether you are a sophisticated printer in search of back-end web support and increased revenue or a marketing company looking for a turn-key program to enhance your product line, JFM Concepts can instantly give your organization new multi-channel expertise.

"Over the past 6 months I have had an opportunity to work with the team at JFM Concepts on almost a daily basis. I can say without hesitation that they are a fantastic resource for our company. From the very first project, I was impressed by the level of service, quality and timeframe of completion. And while their service is impressive, their technology is amazing to say the least. The VDP line of products are quite frankly the most robust, user friendly one-to-one marketing software products available, and are priced well below inferior competitive products. I would highly recommend JFM Concepts to any agency or group looking to grow their market in one-to-one applications and programs."

April 13, 2009
Feature Group, Saint Louis

Personalized URLs (PURLs)

VDP Web® Online was built from the ground up for resellers. Reseller and Enterprise accounts can easily set up an unlimited number of clients as sub-accounts. Permissions-based access allows for complete control. Sub-accounts can be given access only to reporting or they can set up and manage their content, campaigns, and prospect lists. Enterprise accounts include a fully brandable interface at no additional charge. Using a simple form, add your logo, contact information, and assign a vanity URL. Easily incorporate advanced JavaScript, jQuery & Flash into your landing pages to create draggable, droppable, sortable, selectable, and resizeable content. Sync your alerts to your Outlook calendar. 

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Full Service Turn Key Campaigns

VDP Complete® provides the full service, turn key tools necessary to increase revenue and improve your bottom line without investing in know-how, infrastructure, or expensive software.

  • Provide multiple print runs from one sale
  • Decrease focus on price per piece; de-commoditize printing by bundling services
  • Employ direct mail backed by cutting edge web technology
  • Increase customer loyalty by engaging in a long-term package program
  • Expand product line with no additional investment
  • Execute co-operative advertising and public relations with your branding

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