• VDP Web®

    The VDP Web online service has all of the features required to build and manage complete cross media marketing campaigns with personalized URLs (PURLs), personal landing pages, and world class reporting, using simple web-based tools.

  • VDP Complete®

    VDP Complete is the turn key marketing system that captures and cultivates sales leads using industry leading cross media technology. The program develops a list of prime prospects with demographics and email addresses.

    The VDP Complete marketing program includes everything required to conduct a sophisticated direct mail campaign that is supported by the web to build brand awareness, enter the sales cycle at the right time, and capture current sales opportunities.

  • VDP Mail®

    VDP often refers to “Variable Data Print.” We deal with variable and personalized data so much that we literally own the trademark on VDP Mail.

  • Profile Complete®

    Profile Complete is the first step in the VDP Complete marketing system. This turn key marketing program provides instant personalization and one to one marketing for website visitors. Prospects can be driven to the web from virtually any channel and then be identified and served personalized content. One reporting module tracks all your marketing – from print advertisements to phone calls, email, and web hits.

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