VDP Complete

VDP Complete®

Full Service Direct Response Marketing

There are two major challenges facing marketers today; staffing levels continue to decrease and budget expenditures are scrutinized down to the penny. Even with the onslaught of new marketing outlets such as social media and mobile, direct response marketing is often the only way to reach crucial market sectors.

VDP Complete® provides a full service option for sales and marketing leaders stretched to the breaking point by current business conditions. VDP Complete offers:

  • Variable data direct mail in any format (postcard, letter, bi-fold, etc.)
  • Personalized content with customer profile or recipient specific offers and images both in mail and online
  • Customer specific web address (PURL) on each communication
  • Infinite combinations of content based on profiles or matrices
  • Instant visit and opt-in alerts
  • Automated follow up email communication
  • Centralized reporting dashboard that integrates with all our VDP products

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