VDP Mail

Direct Response Cross Channel Marketing

Mail for the age of Mobile & Social Media

When it is critical to get content in the hands of key customers and prospects and when an organization needs to develop social media and web credibility and awareness, VDP Mail is the critical first step in:

  • Starting two-way conversations
  • Building opt-in lists for email, SMS-text, and mobile communications
  • Receiving customer specific feedback
  • Identifying customer communication preferences
  • Rewarding best prospects & customers with a physical touch

By leveraging the power of variable data print, personalized URLs, and landing pages, VDP Mail kick-starts other marketing efforts and provides:

  • Detailed response tracking on a recipient by recipient basis
  • A centralized reporting system that links seamlessly with other VDP products
  • Surveys, opt-ins, and automatic email follow-up
  • Immediate sales alerts and database entry
  • Coordination with popular CRM systems via API
  • And much more…

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