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The VDP Web® online service has all of the features required to build and manage complete cross media marketing campaigns with personalized URLs (PURLs), personal landing pages and world class reporting, using simple web-based tools.

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Create landing pages with variable text, images, links, and even video & sound. Use personalized URLs in both print and email direct marketing to help drive response and provide detailed tracking for documented Return on Investment.

Online Management for You and Your Clients

Reseller and Enterprise accounts can easily setup an unlimited number of clients as sub-accounts with our PURL software. Permissions based access allows for complete control. Sub-accounts can be given access only to reporting or they can setup and manage their content, campaigns and prospect lists.

Complete Brand Control

Enterprise and premium accounts include a fully brandable interface at no additional charge. Using only a simple form, add your logo, contact information and assign a vanity URL in seconds.

Instant Access & Campaign Launch

Just click the get started now link, create an account and you are ready to start your campaign. It only takes a few minutes to get set-up on VDP Web. There are no licenses, contracts or long term commitments.

Easy-To-Use Tools & HTML Code Access

Anyone can learn to edit content on their landing pages using our familiar, word-processing-style WYSIWYG editing tools. Our web-based editor is very easy to use. It lets you edit text, add images, link to media, and more through simple-to-use tools. Code view gives advanced editors direct access to the HTML. Just click on the link to switch between visual editing and code view and include all the web features you desire including video links, click to talk, and more.

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