Content & Data Management

JFM Concepts has a rich suite of software as a service (SaaS) products which work with easy to use but powerful content management tools. We believe that most solutions to content management try to be too many things to too many people.  JFM’s software focuses on a minimalist approach that minimizes training and production time while integrating content to data easily.

Fast Data Imports & Updates

Wherever your data is, loading to a content management system (CMS) should not be hard. Enabling content to use data collected through surveys or available in a customer profile should be easy and normal—throughout the entire site.

Cross Media Publishing

Content should be structured as “intelligent content”: Content that is identified in the proper context and structured so that it can be used for email, the web, SEO, press releases, and print publication.  This type of content organization is relevant for larger organizations.  Smaller organizations should have simpler and more efficient content management tools that make adding material to a website or online advertising campaign easy.

Storing Data Accessibly

Data should be accessible.  It should be able to be imported or read from multiple sources, regardless of their locations.  Data should be able to be recorded in an automated way throughout websites and other interactive media.  Recorded data should be distilled into actionable reports and available to all decision makers and applications.  It should be easier.

JFM Concepts Gets It

We understand the tech, the development, the database, and the analytics.

Our business model is to establish long-term, trusted business relationships. We want our clients to be comfortable with our skills and know that we will always deliver an excellent product.  Our support is the best in the business.  It’s fast, accurate and immediate.

JFM Concepts' founder, John Fager, has a background in e-commerce and large B2C and B2B direct marketing companies. He started as a marketing professional and grew into operations and analytics.  Later in his career, John acquired direct programming and enterprise level database expertise. Today, he is a top level expert in .NET and web technology. With this rich background, he brings a unique perspective of marketing and business to the IT sector.  As a result, projects that are developed by JFM are better suited to the needs of real users and business requirements than those delivered by firms that only specialize in application development.

Rich Software as a Service Offerings

JFM Concepts' primary business is in offering hosted software (SaaS) solutions that are available over the web based on subscriptions models and volume.  These programs have enabled JFM to develop, test and refine a tremendously stable underlying framework that is used throughout all of our custom offerings.

The experience that we have from developing and operating our own software offers gives us the experience to eliminate many of the user interface and design issues that traditional application developers overlook.  Our software was expressly designed to cut down on costs by making every aspect as easy to use as possible.  We emphasize clean, fast design that requires a minimum of training and support.

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