Custom Ecommerce & Marketing Technology

JFM Concepts has tremendous knowledge and innovative ways to build e-commerce solutions.  Key challenges:

  • Allow outside applications and sites to place orders without going through your user interface (opening your infrastructure to authorized parties on iPhone or Android apps, other shopping sites, affiliates, external providers, etc.)
  • Pricing based on group membership
  • Pricing based on quantity
  • Special cross sell and upsell pricing and offers
  • Automated, secure electronic product fulfillment
  • Complex product data
  • Complex shipping offers
  • External or third party product or catalog content
  • Content testing for increased conversion
  • Outside or drop ship fulfillment automation
  • Selectively available products and offers
  • Recurring order and automated order scheduling
  • Follow up and customer nurturing email
  • Retargeting pay-per-click
  • Lifecyle and abandonment tracking

Truly Successful Ecommerce is Custom

Firms that are serious about e-commerce do not use off the shelf carts or systems that are not custom developed. There is no way to gain a competitive edge or truly measure, streamline and adapt with cookie cutter implementations.

A strong technical firm with a heavy background in business logic, marketing, online advertising and conversion can help.

JFM Concepts is the rarest of firms in that we specialize not only in tech, but we have first hand experience in the business of online commerce. Most firms outsource and work with multiple parties to fulfill ecommerce development and management. All capabilities under one roof makes all the difference in the world.

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