Database Marketing

Merging technical expertise & marketing skill

Determining marketing technology needs and creating the infrastructure to capture meaningful information is a difficult challenge for any organization. JFM Concepts can rapidly implement data collection and analysis solutions for any size organization, removing the burden from multiple departments and budgets. JFM creates complex databases that coordinate information, communicate across platforms, and eliminate data silos. The data collected is then incorporated intp robust cross media marketing strategies using business logic developed in close coordination with our partners and their clients. This level of integration and execution is designed to work with as much or as little support as the client has the bandwidth to offer.

Services Available

  • Database creation, structure & development
  • Marketing system integration
  • Data integrity & analysis
  • Demographic analysis & predictive modeling
  • Prospect list requirements & acquisition
  • Opt-in marketing & surveys
  • Data cleansing and appends
  • NCOA and CASS certification

Companies can benefit greatly from using predictive modeling to structure up sell and cross sell programs targeted at existing customers.

  • Send highly relevant communications
  • Increase response rates
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce waste

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