Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is still critical to reach potential customers.  How do we know? Google sends direct mail!

There is no better way to directly place your message in front of a targeted prospect than sending a nicely designed, appropriately sized, timely piece of direct mail.  A printed piece does not disappear with a click and will still be there after the recipient gets distracted by a phone call or some other task.

The primary struggle with direct mail is the cost, primarily postage.  With the high expense of postage, it is critical to know that your marketing dollars are not being wasted.  There are key components that must be measured and tested.

Important Direct Mail Components to Test:

  • List
  • Offer
  • Timing
  • Frequency or number of touches
  • Format
  • Design
  • Copy

Each of these components can be measured and tested, ideally as independent measures. Planning and economically implementing tests that yield statistically significant insights is no easy task. Though many in-house personal and even marketing agencies attempt to test and measure, most fall short.

Why Work with a Technical Agency?

As spending shifts from traditional direct mail efforts to web, email, social media and other channels, a technical agency can work with all of your efforts.  Traditional firms do not have first hand knowledge and typically outsource this work or require clients to use additional vendors.

A technical marketing agency whose primary focus is in data measurement and campaign strategy can offer much better campaign and testing tools than traditional agencies or in-house staff.

A technical agency can also work with SQL data, complex segmentation, web and email integration, mobile and other aspects that are critical to modern, successful marketing campaigns.

Any implementation should appropriately isolate the component being measured. Additionally, technical tools for measuring web, email and phone response should be included.

Why Select JFM Concepts?

JFM Concepts offers a robust suite of tools for isolating various changes in campaigns, whether those are distribution, design, offer, time of mailing or list changes. Properly isolating variables and tracking response requires a strong technology platform such as VDP Web®.  This allows for cross channel measurement, as well as recording who responds to a piece, even if they only open a web page and never fill in a contact form or call.  Personalized URLs or PURLs are critical for identifying these warm leads.

Additional advantages of using VDP Web include the ability to segment lists, design and offer tests quickly and easily. This allows for a fast and inexpensive setup as well as immediate, real time results for each response channel all integrated under a single dashboard.

Read more about the VDP Web system and how it can help enhance direct mail efforts

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