Opt-In Marketing with VDP Web®

Building a consensual marketing plan

Opt-in Marketing to Drive Sales

As either a stand alone product or as an additional element to your current campaign, VDP Web's powerful opt-in marketing functionality allows your firm to capture the email address and other contact information on interested consumers.

Opt-in / Consensual / Permission Based Marketing

Included in the proprietary VDP Web marketing methodology is the perfect platform for developing a powerful online tool for opt-in marketing. When prospects visit a personalized web page they will find an automatically populated form inviting them to join a newsletter, club, or open a web account. This data is collected and is available online and on demand. Prospects that are part of permission based marketing efforts can receive additional information and solicitations and are more likely to respond to marketing efforts. According to well known marketing experts Ernan Roman and Scott Hornstein:

"The consensual marketing opt-in process provides both immediate and long term value to the customer. Short term, customers begin to receive more relevant and useful communications. Over time, marketers have the ability to provide increasingly focused and targeted exchanges of information that will raise each customer’s satisfaction and life time value. This process rewards marketers with an immediate increase in their return on investment and the ability to exponentially increase revenue and ROI over time."

Building an Ongoing Relationship

Once the customer has visited the website, the next logical step – short of a sale – is to open an ongoing relationship. Consider offering recurring materials such as a newsletter or email bulletin to keep your information and brand in front of the customer. The same database that is used to produce the unique URL’s and display the offer can also be used to automatically populate the opt-in form for the prospect. This ensures success for two key points: first, it makes the process painless for the customer; and second, the data entered is not mistyped, increasing accuracy.

To keep the program effective, materials must be timely, informative, and relevant. Variable data printing is ideal for providing these highly tailored marketing messages. Research has shown that this type of sales effort returns dramatically better results.

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