Real Time Personalization

Real time personalization or RTP is the ability to adapt content to a visitor on a website in real time. A profile of the visitor can be built based on information in their customer file, behavior such as clicks and content viewed, purchase behavior or even the referring website or URL.  Additional information can be collected and retained throughout the visit.  Simple survey forms can also be included to glean information.

A central repository of data records all of the relevant information.  Predetermined business logic will assign any number of segments or profile attributes to the visitor.  As information on the prospect grows, the website is changed to improve conversion rates.

Who Should Use Real Time Personalization?

A committed firm that is serious about personalized, custom content to drive increased conversion can benefit greatly from investing in a real time personalization program.

Like going to the gym, it takes a steady hand, dedication and ongoing effort to yield positive results.  While the investment in time and resources is considerable, the results can be stunning.

Implementing Real Time Personalization

Real Time Personalization Requires Smart Content Development & Strategy

Successfully implementing real time personalization requires a smart approach to developing content and strategy.  Creating what is called “intelligent content” is critical so that the system can select and combine appropriate copy, artwork and design elements that fit together into a cohesive, professional web presentation.

Organizing Real Time Personalization Data

One or more repositories of data record all of the relevant information.  These repositories can be remote or local, third-party or in-house data sources.  The key element is that the host website must be able to access the instructions that allow appropriate content to be selected.

Predetermined business logic will assign any number of segments or profile attributes to the visitor.  As information on the prospect grows, the website is changed to improve conversion rates.

Using AJAX and “soft” loading from behind the scenes, customized content can appear after the initial page load without slowing the load times.  As data is retrieved, elements on the page can be changed dynamically.

Securing Real Time Personalization Data

Another critical element is that the data for a visitor is secure. It is a bad idea to directly expose information about the prospect. Hackers could potentially decode the data elements. A proper implementation will only expose coded or segmented information that then translates to appropriate action in the HTML rendering.

Analyzing Results

A skilled marketing data firm can perform ongoing analysis on the data and measure a baseline at how effective various content choices are at increasing conversion. 

Systematic Content Testing Makes Real Time Personalization Work

Once a baseline is established, a systematic testing program can be implemented to ensure that content selection models in use are continuing to increase conversion.

Keeping Real Time Personalization Manageable

Any site that deals with multiple data points, variable content, differing copy, offers and designs can quickly become unmanageable.  A good technical data marketing firm can put practical restraints in place to ensure that content is testable and differences in conversion rates are statistically significant.

If the content rules, segments and population sizes are not appropriate, it becomes impossible to properly identify successful configurations.  Likewise, making changes to content and business logic that are excessive can frustrate customers, confuse staff members and reduce ROI.

Starting the process of real time personalization with an experienced firm and a simple program with clear rules and goals is critical to success.

Profile Complete® is the Perfect Software as a Service For Implementing Real Time Personalization

JFM Concepts offers Profile Complete as an end-to-end solution for companies that want to generate personalized content and test content.  This software allows for a custom content library and business logic rules to be applied.

The HTML rendering engine can take content from external or internal content management systems.  Profile Complete will handle all of the link click tracking and page view recording.

The personalization engine on Profile Complete is capable of calling both internal data and retrieving external data from in-house corporate data sources as well as national consumer databases.

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