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Variable Data with VDP Complete®

Turn Key Variable Data Direct Mail Marketing with PURLs

VDP Complete is the turn key marketing system that captures and cultivates sales leads using industry leading cross media technology. The program develops a best prospects list with demographics and email addresses.

The VDP Complete® marketing program includes everything required to conduct a sophisticated direct mail campaign that is supported by the web to build brand awareness, enter the sales cycle at the right time and capture current sales opportunities.

Harrah's Card Harrah's Web

The standard VDP Mail direct mail piece consists of a full bleed, four-color, heavy weight, high gloss postcard. The front panel contains a customized offer tailored to the recipient with variable text and graphics, as well as a personalized web page address. The back holds the address panel and additional elements designed to capture the attention of the recipient.

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Personalized Web Address

Each recipient's direct mail piece prominently features a personalized web address. Because the web address is unique to the individual, VDP Complete captures each visit and will email instant sales alerts.

The unique web address loads a personalized web page with further information on the offer which reinforces the call to action. Even though we provide the full service for creating and hosting the personalized home pages, the page will appear to be part or the corporate site. Each web page can feature an automatically populated form for opt-in marketing.

Real Time Email Alerts

Real time email alerts are a great opportunity to contact the customer while they are actually visiting the landing page. Additionally, this identifies those recipients who read the piece and showed interest, adding a new layer of "soft response" tracking. All of this happens regardless of whether the prospect fills out a form or calls directly.

A VDP Complete campaign captures information which increases the number of qualified leads over traditional marketing. Our proprietary on demand reporting system shows "soft leads" and helps prioritize opportunities. Client lists, web visitors and other statistics are available for download in Excel or PDF formats from our online interface. 

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