We are the kind of developers that use Macs and develop in Windows for .NET.  Why do we do this? We are artistic, creative, business savvy and serious software developers.

Apple and Windows

Technologically successful companies, from mom and pop up to Fortune 15 companies, are learning that outsourcing mission critical application development and hosting works far better than developing and managing in-house applications.

  • Keep application interfaces up-to-date and device aware
  • Update data structures and business requirements with ease
  • Inclusive backup and hosting
  • Benefit from base code that continuously evolves and is tested on many applications
  • Access broader experience gained on multiple projects
  • Work with the most current technology available

JFM Concepts uses modern, bleeding edge technology

As a company focused completely on technology-based solutions for data, business operations and cross media distributed content, JFM understands the most modern concepts of application architecture.  This focus allows us to stay current on the most recent releases of both code platforms and development tools.

Data is rapidly changing.  Not only must data be available to multiple systems, but it must run through the web, mobile, print, CRM, POS, shopping carts, social media, press releases and business intelligence applications.  JFM can create streamlined, well architected systems to meet even the most demanding and complex data structures and sharing requirements.  Easy, fast and efficient user interfaces that require a minimum of training but allow a large offering of flexibility and powerful features is no small task, but it is what we do.

  • Interface driven, modular systems with customizable end point integrations
  • Large scale, device aware MVC (model, view, controller) applications for web and mobile
  • Web based software as a service (SaaS) platforms for enterprise product and literature libraries
  • Web based price group, venue, and volume based dynamic pricing shopping carts Open API point of sale integration to allow for third party co-selling, co-branding and co-marketed with no need to force orders through a web user interface
  • Documentation libraries with dynamic, automated content generation based on dimensional brand, product and reader data (HTML and PDF)
  • Database architecture for complex, fast evolving data

Clean, Compiled Applications

JFM's coding practices lead to clean code modules that have clear separation of functions. These modules are then tested and compiled into versioned files that eliminate the possibility of ad-hoc updates breaking key applications.

Configurable, Interface Driven, Late Model Binding & Inversion of Control (IOC)

The main modules in our applications also use interface driven objects and methods so that custom third-party or in-house developed code can be written to override sections of our proprietary applications. Additionally, pre and post event methods can be easily added by clients to enhance features, notify external applications of events, data changes and even transform objects according to external business rules. All of this high level customization is designed to be configuration driven and easy to implement.

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