Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET allows for development of code frameworks that can be shared across Windows Services, desktop applications, the web, API’s and mobile. 

JFM uses .NET to develop reusable, well architected code modules to manage all data and business logic in one location.  This shared core allows for rapid development of multiple access points to data which all act in a consistent manner.  User interfaces and access methods include:

  • Web applications
  • External websites
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile websites
  • Windows Services

Keeping Current with Unified Framework Upgrades

Microsoft .NET also provides the benefit of regular framework and feature upgrades in whole, unified packages. This avoids the messy and disjointed modules released with Java and other open source solutions.

Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment) that allows for coding in both C# and VB.  Visual Studio allows for many forms of development and works for web, server services, API’s, web service integrations, MVC, TDD (test driven development), and many choices when it comes to data access and manipulation.

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