Microsoft’s new flavor of ASP.NET is MVC (model, view, controller).  This version of ASP.NET is a radical departure from the older Web Forms.  It has far fewer events and underlying framework to “help” developers.  As a result, developers are much closer to their HTML output and there are far fewer pitfalls with combining data and user interface.

MVC allows development of clean, well-separated data models and user interfaces.  It also allows for easy implementation of device aware HTML output.  This new model is fantastic for developing modern, AJAX driven, device optimized web applications.

Huge Gains in Speed

Working with MVC has allowed JFM to complete in two days what used to take seven.  The new framework speeds development and moves many of the issues that made AJAX, JQuery and JavaScript implementations difficult with Web Forms out of the way.

Device Aware

ASP.NET MVC is ideal for creating device aware designs. Different views, partial HTML sections, alternative CSS and other options for customization are easy to implement.

Excellent for Modern Design Methods

MVC integrates very well for defining display templates, editor templates, AJAX loaded content, JSON data retrieval and other modern options. It separates out the display and retrieval of data perfectly allowing designers to design and programmers to program.

JFM’s Knowledge of Web Forms Makes Us Great with MVC

JFM Concepts' long experience with ASP.NET Web Forms has given us tremendous insight into maintaining view state on web applications, integrating reusable web parts and business logic to save time and add consistency to the UI, and automating communication between separate objects and methods.

Our MVC base code has been under continual development for years and immediately adds value to all projects that we implement. Every hour of coding and testing poured into our base framework is another hour of development and testing that benefits our clients’ projects.

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