ASP.NET Web Forms

ASP.NET Web Forms was the original model released by Microsoft that radically reduced the amount of time and programing required to create data rich, complex web applications.

The Web Forms paradigm allows developers to rapidly wire compiled and reusable controls that automate many of the common elements required to expose and manipulate large and complex data.  Web controls, pages, and object oriented programming come together with event driven actions.

Most Firms Don't Really Understand Web Forms - We Do

Many firms and developers say that they can and do work with ASP.NET Web Forms, but only truly experienced developers that have worked with this platform for many years will handle your work correctly.

Each web request weaves a set of hundreds of objects and code parts together, passing data, page state, and validation by triggering thousands of lifecycle events.  Without a keen understanding of the way in which objects combine and the order of events, developers end up with substandard, fragile code that is difficult to upgrade and sometimes even insecure.

JFM Concepts has worked with Web Forms first hand everyday since our founding in 2005.  Our developers understand exactly how it works.  We have a deep understanding of the objects and order of events that allows us to build robust, clean, updatable, efficient and secure web applications on a level that most firms cannot begin to match.

MVC Side by Side with Web Forms

For new web applications and existing projects, JFM Concepts is also experienced with ASP.NET MVC. We can integrate MVC side by side with your legacy Web Forms applications, migrating functionality over time or just developing new areas using MVC.

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