Data Access

JFM Concepts programs applications with flexible data access layers and clean, data store agnostic interfaces. With our code, you won’t be tied to local data, SQL, or any other source.  All options for retrieving and working with data, including SQL, cloud based data, NoSQL, remote data and other methods will be available.  Changes to data stores will be seamless and will never break other code in our applications.

Data Source Unaware Application Code

Our knowledge of SQL optimization allows us to write and implement SQL data repositories that work quickly with your applications, but when we write our code, you won’t be married to SQL.

JFM Concepts relies on an object to repository interface model. All code is developed with fake data repositories that ensure application objects and code are decoupled from SQL or any other data store. This practice ensures that data can be stored in any modality, including SQL Server, and that application code and objects are only loosely coupled to SQL code that creates, reads, updates and deletes data.

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